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HTML Pages


The HTML page shows any type of content. The “Edit HTML page” provides a set of tools to add and customize various types of content.
To add a new type of HTML page to your application, click on the “+” (Add a new page) button. In the list of page types available, select the html of your choice and click the “Create” button. After adding the page you can proceed to modify it.




On the left side of the editor is the toolbar that gives the option to edit the page the way you want. Click on the iPhone screen (the editor) and type the text. You can write a text of general information, or you can easily make it interactive by linking it to a local page or an external link, insert an email link, or insert a telephone link. As mentioned above, the HTML page displaying any information. We invite you to use your imagination and make the page look the way you like best.




Along with text editing options, you can find here options such as the inclusion of lists, tables, images, mp3, wav and many more. Click the button for the function you want to use, and a pop-up window that will give you a certain option as the function appears.




Adding a YouTube video:

1. Click the button “Insert video Yoytube” in the toolbar.

2. In the window you need to copy / paste the embed code in YouTube achieved.




In order to ensure that the video is displayed on the device measures 320 x 265 is suggested






To use images, video etc, need to first upload the resource manager application or directly with the function “Insert Image”http://blanggo.com/toolboximages/insertimage.png.



Change the page style adding a background color or image. Here you can change the background image, color, text etc..




Then you can change the background image or color, text etc. ..




In addition, you can add some custom buttons, images or layers. Just click “Drag / Move Page Elements”.




Remember, there is no limit to the imagination.
You can find a detailed explanation of each item in the Toolbox HERE