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App Tabs


App tabs corresponding to each “tab-.html” Edition App and always appear with this name in the edit box (see image). The tabs can be modified and changed as necessary as the name, color and background image, icon, icon color etc..





To configure the application tabs go to “DESK —> Navigation Settings” and select the type of tab you need for your application.



1. Without tabs. With this option on the application no navigation bar appears.





2.  Standard tabs. You can add up to 5 tabs, change the icon and add the name.



Capturecaptura 2


3.  Customized tabs. With this option you can add the tabs you want and is fully editable, you can edit it from the top and apply to all tabs or edit tab by tab.



 Capture 1

captura 3

 Capture 2

captura 4


4.  Wheel. 8 tabs circular and rotating on the device to select the desired tab. You can edit the exchange ratio for this sailing. (Available for iPhone and iPad.




 Capture 1

captura 5

Capture 2

captura 5.1


* Once configured I save and preview it on the device to see the changes.